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Warner Norcross + Judd Uses Hushbutton For Rock- Solid Conference Room Privacy with Zero Training

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Warner Norcross + Judd  Uses Hushbutton For Rock- Solid Conference Room  Privacy with Zero Training
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Founded in 1931, Warner Norcross + Judd provides client-focused, proactive legal and business counsel to clients of all sizes – from startups to Fortune 500 companies to closely held businesses and high net worth individuals.

Their focus on exceptional client service has earned them Best Lawyers in America designations, Martindale-Hubbell rankings and Chambers USA acknowledgements.

That focus carries over to their choice of conference room technologies, where they’ve standardized on the Hushbutton to ensure privacy and comfort during conference calls.

Intuitive By Design

When discussing legal matters, it is important to know who is listening. In previous conference spaces, clients had no clear way of knowing if the microphones were on or off.

Dale de Longpre, Director of Information Systems for Warner Norcross + Judd explains, “Husbutton makes it easy to mute voice and video calls and everyone can see the status at a glance. Clients can speak freely with the knowledge that the microphone on the table is not active.”

Hushbutton's effectiveness lies in the simplicity of its design. Pressing the lighted ring toggles the microphone audio on or off and illuminates red or green; giving clear feedback to everyone in the room. This single function is the most-used feature during conference calls, making Hushbutton the only user-interface many meeting participants ever need.

De Longpre continues, “We have over 400 users and these buttons are one of the few items that take almost zero training. They are very intuitive to use." 

Made for Integration

Devices from different manufacturers need to work together to provide an effective conferencing experience. Hushbutton’s documented integration protocol and free software modules allow it to play nicely with devices from any manufacturer.

“We use QSC devices to control the audio in our conference rooms. The scripting examples provided by Catch Technologies made it straightforward to integrate Hushbutton with QSC control systems,” explains de Longpre.

Warner Norcross + Judd currently has Hushbutton installed in 18 conference rooms across two locations with plans for adding them to 12 more spaces in 2020.

"I recommend Hushbutton to anyone with fixed conference room tables that does voice or video calls on a recurring basis."