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Absen Inc. is a subsidiary of Absen, a leading global LED display manufacturer. We have exported our digital solutions to more than 118 countries around the world. Absen America has installed screens in venues across the USA including the New Orleans Arena, MGM Grand, Caesars Palace and in Times Square.

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The Polaris Series LED panels are designed for indoor/outdoor environments.
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Absen 2020 Highlight Projects
Posted on Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Absen 2020 Highlight Projects

What a year it has been… For most businesses, this year has been about adapting to survive, but with the coming of 2021, it is significant for us to think about how we use the opportunities presented and achieve a brighter future. We are so grateful that our teams, suppliers and clients have been working hard to deliver projects worldwide given the situation. Here are some highlight cases of this year. Check out.


1.Galanz’s Headquarters, China

Galanz selected Absen to deliver almost 1,000m² cutting edge indoor and outdoor LED displays to impress visitors and employees at its corporate headquarters and factory. The nearly 800sqm curved OOH display is mounted on the top of the headquarters building.

2.World Equestrian Center (WEC), US

As the largest equestrian complex in the United States, WEC is a world-class facility to accommodate numerous disciplines within the equine industry. All Pro Integrated Systems installed a complete indoor and outdoor LED solutions supplied by Absen to level up the WEC venues.

3.Kaisa Prosperity, China

The breath-taking LED display solution from Absen for Kaisa includes an epic 3D OOH display, a bespoke immersive LED cave, a seamless LED video wall and four LED strips in the lobby inside the building. The naked-eye 3D OOH display features Absen’s GS series.

4.Wembley Park, UK

The Bridge has been digitally enhanced with LED screens from Absen and a bespoke lighting system that are connected to offer a fully integrated digital walkway to and from Wembley Park.

5.Gingko Shopping Mall, China

The 1,400+sqm curved OOH videowall in Kunming city has made the shopping mall an eye-catching landmark and an exceptional advertising platform for various consumer brands.


6.Grandé Studios, Canada

Virtual studios are increasingly seen as the preferred environment for hosting events in the Covid-19 era to provide flexibility for producers and event organizers. Trans-Québec created a virtual studio for MTL Grandé Studios for diverse production purposes.

7.Ai Everything x Restart Summer Conference, Dubai

As the first in-person global event in Dubai, it kick-started a new beginning for the events industry. Over 350sqm LED displays from Absen secured the success of the momentous event.

8.TV Channel 5TV, Russia

The combination of two Absen’s rental LED ranges offers a reliable solution for flexibly configuring multi-purpose virtual studios for 5TV to deliver various events.

9.Drive-in Cinema, Ukraine

Drive-ins have made the revival and Absen LED has been utilized in drive-in cinemas, drive-in presentations, drive-in church services and more during the pandemic. The drive-in cinema in Ukraine deployed PL3.9W Lite.

10.Miss Universe Colombia 2020, Colombia

400 sqm of Absen PL4.8W Lite LED panels were used to build a magnificent stage for Miss Universe Colombia 2020, which was delivered by Genesis Produccion.

11.Colt Technology Services’ Annual Sales Kick-Off Event, Germany

With 850 delegates in attendance, the main conference room featured an ultra-wide 28mx4.5m Absen PL3.9XL Pro LED wall along with nine custom built stage pods that also housed Absen PL3.9 Pro LED tiles.


12.OXO City of Transportation Hub Center, China

A total of 1,800m² of Absen LED has been installed in the OXO City area of Shanghai Hongqiao airport. The centerpiece is a 700m² videowall at the airport’s exit, welcoming travelers into the adjacent shopping environment featuring a further 40 screens arranged into eight cubes displaying 3D video content.

13.KLIA, Malaysia

The largest airport display of over 400sqm Absen LED in SE Asia was installed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), used by 60+ million passengers per year.

14.Edinburgh Airport, UK

Edinburgh Airport underwent a redevelopment project and the 118 sqm digital canvas consists of 560 pieces of Absen A2725 Plus LED panels, delivering a multi-use, high-impact visual solution in the busy transport hub.

15.Qinhuangdao Hongxing Iron and Steel Company, China

The immersive LED cave has been built to play various brand content, presentations for Hongxing’s investors and visitors to learn about the company.

16.Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, China

The expert LED solutions tailored for the aviation airport include a creative wave-shaped video wall featuring Absen’s N1.8 Plus, a curved LED wall made up of KL3 and a robust LED floor.

17.Show DC Shopping Center, Thailand

With a resolution of approximately 8K, the creative LED video wall is visually stunning and has become an eye-catching a unique part of this shopping mall.

18.“Russia – My History” Museum, Russia

A Russian national museum named “Russia – My History” boasts more than 1,000 units of multimedia equipment, including a suite of Absen LED solutions in the entrance, the hall and the auditorium of the museum.

19.(Bocai) Versatile Virtual Studio, China

Versatile Virtual Studio, created with 700+sqm Absen’s KL2 LED walls, enables producers to use a new form of virtual production to bring movies and events to life.


20. Russian Ministry of Agriculture, Russia

The 4K Absen A27Pro videowall provides a reliable display solution for the Russian government body to hold face-to-face and virtual meetings.

21.Peking University HSBC Business School (PUBS), China

PUBS installed a total of 10 sets of Absenicon in its class rooms, laboratories and lecture halls to create an engaging learning environment and enhance meeting experience.

22.Zhengzhou Smart City Operation Command Center, China

Standing before the scree, viewers will be able to monitor the intersections within 99 square kilometers of Zhengzhou High-tech Zone at any time and perform traffic management intelligently.

23.Lu’an Company Coal Mine Dispatching Center, China

Mission-critical environments such as control and command centers are key applications. Absen’s CR1.2 enables the company to facilitate fast and informed decisions.

24.Macau Traffic Control and Information Center, China

Governments and organizations have invested heavily in integrating the latest LED technology to support decision-making in operations. The CR series is a perfect solution tailored for control room and commercial display markets.

25.A Cinema in a scenic spot, China

Installed in a cinema in a scenic spot of Shanxi province, the LED screen featuring Absen’s MiniLED technology managed to take viewing experience to the next level.