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Dynamic2 retractable monitors have been chosen for BHP Billiton's conference room

BHP Billiton has decided to trust Arthur Holm for its conference room in Chile. Dynamic2 retractable monitors have been chosen and specially customised, integrating two synchronised retractable microphones along with the screen.

Nowadays large corporations with branches all over the world need to ensure the flow of information, collaboration and communication. It is necessary to keep an optimal and cost-effective communication between the headquarters and the different offices, and videoconference is becoming a must rather than a choice.

While communication is absolutely necessary, achieving it with a human touch it’s extremely important; especially in an organization which employs people from all the continents. The chance to see each other face really helps to lower the cultural differences and to improve the effectiveness of the meetings. In its Chilean office, BHP Billiton has implemented a conference room to be used either for meetings with the workers on the field, either for videoconference. To allow a better use of the space, Arthur Holm Dynamic 2 has been the choice. As each product of the Dynamic range, it can be completely customized. The special version used by BHP Billiton features a pair of motorized microphones with synchronized movement; another good choice to optimize the working space.

BHP Billiton is the biggest mining company in the world, born from the merge between BHP and Billiton; respectively an Australian and a British company. Growing year after year, they have created branches in the most important mining sites in the world, such as Australia, Canada, Mozambique and Chile.