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The National Assembly of Kuwait

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The National Assembly of Kuwait
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Customised Desktop monitors are installed at emblematic building's auditorium Majlis Al-Umma ("House of the Nation") of Kuwait

The screens chosen for Kuwait National Assembly where specially designed and manufactured by ARTHUR HOLM, who supplied small, ultra-compact and beautiful aluminum displays. Each display has a touch screen with a privacy filter which ensures front readability while limiting the visibility from the sides and therefore, ensuring confidentiality of use. Ease of installation, attractive design and height optimization were carefully taken into consideration by Arthur Holm to conceive these products. The monitors are entirely built of milled anodized aluminum and their design is sober and modern at the same time. The aluminum is 100% recyclable and ensures the screens durability, lightweight and provides a delicate silky finish thanks to the anodize finish.

The National Assembly, known as the Majlis Al-Umma ("House of the Nation") is the legislature of Kuwait and it was designed by the Architect Jorn Utzon, the same architect who designed the Sydney Opera House. The site is located at the oceanfront, with "haze and white light and an untidy town behind" as described by Jorn Utzon. The Kuwait National Assembly is nowadays the icon of politics in Kuwait, the symbol of democracy, and the image of freedom of speech.

The relationship between the building and nature carries tremendous meanings of the relation of the individual to nature, the relation of an individual to freedom. This building is designed for the purpose it serves today, democracy. The project was completed in 1982