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Analog Way Solutions at the Helm of the Berlin Green Week

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Analog Way Solutions at the Helm of the Berlin Green Week
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During the last German International Green Week in Berlin, the German company BayWa that specializes in agriculture, building materials, and energy sectors, gathered 3,000 people together for a reception on the theme of agriculture. For the production of the AV part, BayWa contracted audio+frames, a German company that provides AV services for events.


To create a stately and luminous background, audio+frames set up five 5x9m fabric screens in portrait mode along with two 16:9 lateral screens. Content was projected by seven Panasonic PT-DZ21K2 video-projectors, five set in portrait mode. In terms of image processing, an Ascender 48 - 4K - PL and an Ascender 32 - 4K, two of Analog Way’s high-end seamless switchers based on the LiveCoreTM platform, were necessary to support this specific configuration.


Moreover, the team had to opt for two VIO 4K as well. Mathias Naumann, owner of audio+frames explains this decision, “The background content from the VJ that was dedicated to covering the five main screens had a resolution of 3840x1200@50p, and it was only possible to transfer 1920x1200@50p via the cabling of the hall. We had to find a solution to fit the bandwidth, which is why we decided to split the signal through two synchronized VIO 4K.” The high processing capabilities of the VIO 4K allowed the content to be split into two parts and sent into the Ascenders. Then, to fit the background on the five screens, the resolution of the whole screen was configured through the Web RCS. Two layers were set edge-to-edge on the screen, one included the left part of the content and the other one included the right part; and the outputs were defined through the Custom Canvas Mode.


As far as content, the images and animated content came from two media servers and were dedicated to the main five screens. The two lateral screens allowed the live content to be displayed from the three fixed cameras and the one following the host in the room. The performances of various artists were instantly displayed on both lateral screens as well. Mathias Naumann comments on this delicate point, “Since it dealt with an instant display, it was extremely important to keep a very low latency to guarantee the lip synchronization and to avoid any gap between the live performance and the images. I trust in Analog Way’s solutions because I know they don’t compromise when it comes to latency.”


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