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Traveling back in time to April 19, 1775, Dan Wilbanks and officials from the George Washington Society have created a festival centered around the Battle of Lexington Green, and the Old North Bridge - both events are responsible for leading up to the start of the Revolutionary War.

With over 1,600 attendees over the 4-day event, the 2016 festival was complete with a handmade full-scale replica of the Concord Bridge, canvas tents in the field, blacksmith, gunsmith, a cartographer, wool and flax spinners; the entire set up was brought and created to completely represent the culture of 1775. Showcased on a 20-acre oceanfront resort estate located between Sequim and Port Angeles, Washington, Afternoon Tea was served each day of the festival, attended by reenactors of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and other notable historic individuals.

“Every American should know these two stories” stated the Event Director, Dan Wilbanks. After working with an authorized Anchor Audio dealer and expressing the sound amplification needs for their event, coordinators of the Northwest Colonial Festival were guided towards a Liberty Platinum package, complete with several EM-TA4F UltraLite microphones.

“We needed the ability to mic key presenters in the outdoor NWCF Battlefield Theater where the battles of Lexington and Concord Bridge were narrated. The unique combinations of muskets firing with the sounds of the 18th century battlefield created a potential unique application versus a static presentation. Our set up consisted of a dynamic narration, requiring the narrator to physically move around and describe each of the important events as they happened historically on the fields. The Liberty system performed flawlessly for us. The public was able to hear the details as the unfolded before them on that historic day in 1775. The Anchor Audio products performed as promised, were easy to use, and had very clear audio sound, and we experienced no bleed over from any other devices or venue in the area. We were extremely happy with Anchor Audio, the performance of the products, and quality.” - Dan Wilbanks, Event Director at Northwest Colonial Festival.