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High Resolution Engineering Standardizes Lightware HDMI 2.0 MX2 Matrix Series for Live Event Production

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High Resolution Engineering Standardizes Lightware HDMI 2.0 MX2 Matrix Series for Live Event Production
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High Resolution Engineering is a premier provider of high-end video processing, screen switching, video signal management, media servers, control technologies and services to the live events industry. The Phoenix-based audiovisual provider has become an industry-leading, trusted solutions provider for many well-known and dynamic brands, including CVENT, Microsoft, Marriott and many more. High Resolution Engineering’s extensive background in live events technology and industry-leading expertise positions the company at the forefront of creating high-profile, engaging live event experiences.

“We work closely with audiovisual providers and production companies to support their largescale live events,” explained Drew Taylor, owner and video engineer for High Resolution Engineering. “Specifically, if an event is larger than their day-to-day or they have overlapping shows, which require them to enlist additional resources, we support them with a complete video system solution.”

Taylor added, “Live events are unique because each week is a new project. We’re packing and shipping professional video equipment to venues across North America. We must have products we can rely on. If something fails during an installation on a show site, it’s challenging to swap the products out quickly. We must have ready-to-go, reliable products because our clients count on us to deliver a fail-proof, robust solution. We have an extensive rental inventory to support various events, including corporate events, trade shows, entertainment and festivals, product launches, concerts and exhibitions.”

“Lightware Visual Engineering’s 48x48 MX2 Series has become one of our most trusted solutions,” noted Taylor. “We began working with Lightware’s MX Series in 2006 and, since then, we have utilized their technology for hundreds of live events. We believe Lightware makes the best, most reliable and largest HDMI 2.0 router on the market. We pair Lightware’s MX2 Series with Christie’s Spyder X80 and disguise vx4+ media servers. Often, we’re utilizing two Spyder X80’s. We require larger routers that can support 4K, and we’ve had great success with Lightware’s MX2 Series.”

Lightware’s MX2 Matrix Series supports the high-resolution 4K and UHD at 60Hz, custom resolutions, and all HDMI 2.0 formats, operating with zero signal latency. Notably, the MX2 Matrix Series features a non-blocking topology, which allows any input to be tied to one or more outputs without limitations. Users can switch one source to multiple destinations at the same time.

“We’re shipping equipment across North America every week, so we require a rugged and reliable solution,” said Taylor. “Additionally, Lightware has been around for a long time. They’re a trusted solutions provider for the live events space and an industry leader in the live events market. Many audiovisual professionals we’re working with on-site have experience and knowledge working with Lightware, which helps ensure a seamless installation.

Taylor added, “The technicians and video engineers on-site are comfortable and familiar with Lightware’s MX2 Series. Lightware’s EDID management is incredibly intuitive and allows us to build a custom EDID based on the specific requirements of an event. Plus, it’s interoperable with other devices, like Christie’s Spyder X80. If we’re using Christie’s Spyder X80 with the MX2 Series, it’s easy to program the Spyder X80 to control the MX2 Series for simplified and seamless switching. It’s easy to integrate and build a control system around. We appreciate the simplicity of integrating the MX2 Series without compromising bandwidths and resolutions.”

“We need a rock-solid solution that everybody’s confident in,” noted Taylor. “You get one opportunity at a live event. It’s not a pre-recording, so the stakes are higher because we have presenters speaking in front of large live audiences. Our clients expect a robust, reliable solution. Lightware is a key to our success.