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Absen Inc. is a subsidiary of Absen, a leading global LED display manufacturer. We have exported our digital solutions to more than 118 countries around the world. Absen America has installed screens in venues across the USA including the New Orleans Arena, MGM Grand, Caesars Palace and in Times Square.

Model: KLCOB1.8 V2

KLCOB series is the professional Micro LED of Absen. The product adopts Micro LED technology, which is stable and reliable, and has strong protective performance.
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Absen America Announces the Launch of HC0.9 and K Plus to North American Market
Posted on Monday, July 27, 2020
Absen America Announces the Launch of HC0.9 and K Plus to North American Market

Orlando, FL (USA), 22nd July 2020 – Absen America is excited to announce the launch of two new LED display products to the North American market, HC0.9, a MiniLED product incorporating 4-in-1 IMD and common cathode technology, and K Plus series, a cost-effective commercial display product.

HC0.9 – Next-generation MiniLED display

HC0.9 is Absen’s new 0.9mm MiniLED display designed for the high-end control room market and other mission-critical environments that require ultra-high definition images within limited spaces. Applications includes conference rooms, board rooms, museums, and science centers and beyond. Packed with the latest IMD 4-in-1 package and Common Cathode technologies, the product offers over 2.5 times the strength of traditional LED screens while consuming 20% less power.

With IMD 4-in-1 package technology, the collision resistance of the product has increased by 2.5 times. The technology also leads to expanded operation area and improved LED PCB pad, making repair of a narrow pixel pitch LED product much easier than conventional SMD products.

HC0.9 supports pixel-to-pixel HD in 4K and 8K, while achieving high greyscale at low brightness levels via CrystalView technology. It also supports the HDR10 standard (high-dynamic-range) content, allowing for a broader range of colours. The power and data redundancy secures the reliability of the product, making it an ideal display solution for mission-critical decision-making applications such as control and command centers.

K Plus series – the best balance of performance and price

Available in two-pixel pitches, 2.5mm and 3.9mm, the K Plus series is a high-impact commercial display perfect for price-driven projects in churches, schools, exhibition centers, lobbies and other verticals.

With thickness of only 2.46inches and weighing at only 24.3-18.7lbs/panel, K Plus is lighter and thinner than traditional displays, making it easier and quicker to build large format video walls, which also leads to less cost on steel structure and labour. In addition, K Plus was designed with heat dissipation and power efficiency in mind to save costs with outstanding heat dissipation performance.

With multiple panel size options, the panels and modules of K Plus can be rotated to create portrait, landscape and mixture installations, offering extreme design flexibility and maintenance options to customers. This commercial product supports wall-mounting and hanging and can also be customized for creating 90-degree corners.

"K Plus series is a front & rear installation and maintenance product, able to meet various installation and service requirements in indoor spaces", says Sales Engineer Manager Yuki Yu. "It boasts a number of advantages including high contrast ratio and resolution, easy assembly and maintenance". K Plus offers a professional video wall solution with the best balance of visual performance and price for system integrators, able to help them better meet the display needs of their customers and commercial needs of their business.