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Absen Inc.

Absen Inc. is a subsidiary of Absen, a leading global LED display manufacturer. We have exported our digital solutions to more than 118 countries around the world. Absen America has installed screens in venues across the USA including the New Orleans Arena, MGM Grand, Caesars Palace and in Times Square.


The Acclaim Plus Series LED panels are designed for broadcast, houses of worship, hotels, casino & retail environments.
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Absen Inc at InfoComm 2021
Posted on Friday, October 8, 2021
Absen Inc at InfoComm 2021

Oct. 8, 2021 - The circumstances of the last 18 months have changed our industry in ways that are not yet fully realized. As a manufacturer of LED displays, we found our products being specified in new ways.  Gone are the days of the market primarily thinking of dvLED as a large format display in lobbies, House of worship and performance spaces. 

Those applications certainly remain a core component of our portfolio offering.  The Commercial display products like the Acclaim Plus, HC Series, and rental and staging products like the PL Pro and VN Series products will all be highlighted in the Absen booth at Infocomm 2021.

As designers began to incorporate more and more UCC platforms for virtual collaboration, LED became a central component to the functionality of some of these spaces.  Larger screens were specified in smaller spaces to allow for virtual interaction to feel more natural.  All in One solutions have become an easy way for designers to specify, standardize, deploy and maintain displays for their clients. 

At this year’s show, Absen will show the latest generation of our all-in-one solution for the commercial and conference room solutions.  The AbseniCon 3.0, features integrated audio, switching, scaling, control, BYOD and enterprise connectivity.

New generation technologies have also been accelerated during this time.  Our second generation fine 0.9mm pixel pitch Chip on Board (COB) display will be highlighted in the booth.

In addition to the new product in our booth we will be featuring new applications for dvLED.  Our MR Series Floor platform display will be combined with our PL Series rental and staging product to create a virtual studio application.  

It has been exciting to see the acceptance of dvLED as a mainstream display technology.  I look forward to what we get to share about the other new products in development that are just around the corner.