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InfoComm International Teams With AMX Australia to Train 100 Oceania AV Networking Pros
Posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Twelve Discounted Sessions of InfoComm's Networked AV Systems Class to be offered
SYDNEY – 4 September, 2013 – InfoComm International is partnering with AMX Australia to provide networked audiovisual systems training to AV professionals in Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to the generosity of AMX Australia, 100 Oceania professionals will be able to take InfoComm's highly regarded Networked AV Systems class at a discounted rate in Sydney, the Gold Coast, Auckland and Melbourne, impactfully increasing the number of trained professionals in the region.
The three�day classes will be offered a dozen times in AMX Training Centers, and will cost $699+GST for members, $1099+GST, for non�members (no GST will be assessed for Auckland sessions).
"The AV world has changed and if you're not up to speed on IT networks you are at a growing disadvantage," said David Labuskes, CTS, RCDD, Executive Director and CEO, InfoComm International. "AV systems increasingly utilize enterprise IP networks – the same networks that already carry mission-critical voice, data and other information. Those networks, however, and the switches, routers, firewalls and other components they comprise, weren't necessarily designed with real-time delivery of audiovisual content in mind. Without an in-depth understanding of IP networks and the way AV applications operate within them, there's a real chance that what a customer expects to experience won't match what they ultimately see and hear. Not to mention the havoc that improperly configured AV devices might wreak on the network itself. InfoComm thanks AMX for their demonstrated support for this program and the industry."
"AMX is a long term member and supporter of InfoComm and we are delighted our AMX University facilities in Southport, Lane Cove, Port Melbourne and Albany will be the home of the InfoComm Networked AV Systems course in 2014" said AMX Technology Director for Australia $ New Zealand, Graham Barrett. "AMX products and many others in AV space are becoming dependent on IP networks and a solid knowledge and understanding of both the theory and practical aspects of networking is vital to delivering successful outcomes with AMX technology. The Networked AV Systems course is an excellent starting point for AMX dealer staff and anyone involved with designing or installing modern AV systems, we are pleased to be able to support this InfoComm initiative that will benefit both AMX and the wider AVindustry in Australia $ New Zealand."
The Networked AV Systems course is built around real-world applications that clients want today, and the way AV and IT technologies must be coordinated to create the best experience. The course follows the process of matching AV and networking technologies to customer needs for digital signage, conferencing, remote monitoring and management, and networked AV security. It goes through the planning for three fictional companies, each with its unique requirements.
Students will learn how to glean customer needs, manage trade-offs between quality and bandwidth, and work through the sometimes conflicting needs of customers and network managers. In the end, through better coordination among clients, IT professionals, and AV designers, network-based AV systems can deliver the kind of communication experience that benefits everyone.
Because many will need more basic education before endeavoring into Networked AV Systems, InfoComm's Networking Technology Online class, which conveys foundational knowledge, will be a perquisite for enrollment. AMX is generously covering the cost of this class for all who enroll in the Networked AV Systems sessions at their centers.
Classes will be offered as follows: 5-7 Feb., 2014, Gold Coast; 10-12 Feb., 2014, Sydney; 2-4 April, 2014, Auckland; 7-9 April., 2014, Melbourne; 28-30 May, 2014, Gold Coast; 2-4 June, 2014, Sydney; 23-25 July, 2014, Melbourne; 28-30 July, 2014, Sydney; 24-26 Sept., 2014, Auckland; 29 Sept. – 1 Oct., 2014 Sydney; 12-14 Nov., 2014 Melbourne; and 17-19 Nov., 2014 Gold Coast.
In addition to AMX's sponsorship of this program, AMX Platinum Dealers may claim up to 50 percent of the cost of staff members attending the course as part of their Marketing Co�Op from AMX. For details contact Kit Davidson
To enroll contact InfoComm Regional Director Jonathan Seller at or visit the InfoComm Online Store at