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Black Box Unveils New Fiber-to-Desktop Suite for High-Security Environments
Posted on Thursday, January 19, 2017

PITTSBURGH – November 30, 2016 – Black Box, a world leading technology solutions provider of high-performance KVM, professional A/V signal distribution and extension and switching solutions, today unveiled its comprehensive fiber-to-the-desktop suite. From pre-terminated fiber to media converters, Black Box’s full solution set provides every element needed to ensure data transmission, physical networking and mobile devices are secure and optimized.

Black Box’s fiber-to-the-desktop suite is the perfect solution for any fiber network. It meets the complex needs of government entities along with enterprise, retail, financial services and other data-sensitive markets. In addition to unmatched network and physical security, this comprehensive solution brings all the benefits that fiber-based networks can deliver. This includes enhanced speed, reach, reliability, scalability, environmental sensitivity, and capital and operating cost savings, compared to traditional CATx copper networks.

“Further proving fiber’s role in the future of network security, the Pentagon recently revamped the United Facilities Criteria to declare fiber-based optical LAN as a central element for the U.S. military’s infrastructure,” said Black Box’s Tom Strade, vice president of technology & innovation. “This sets the stage for any market that values network security. With our deep industry expertise and comprehensive network security solutions, it is clear why organizations are turning to Black Box for its fiber-to-the-desktop suite of products.” 

Core to Black Box’s fiber-to-the desktop solution is its media converter product line. Featuring a 1.8-inch-by-2.3-inch form factor, the small appliance can be mounted out of the way or under a desk.  It works with any desktop PC or laptop and can be powered through a computer’s USB port, saving desk space and improving reliability. With Power over Ethernet (POE) and easy plug-and-play capabilities, these media converters simplify installation and eliminate the need for AC power circuits. Black Box’s media converters also replace network interface cards (NICs) and associated computer OS upgrade and driver issues, so compatibility between the fiber network and the computer will never be an issue.

Beyond media converters, Black Box’s fiber-to-the-desktop suite includes a breadth of solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs of any organization. With all these products, both integration and on-going client needs are easily met through engineering and design support and 24/7 customer assistance.

  • Pre-terminated multi-fiber cable: This top-quality fiber cable is built to the exact specs an organization needs. The product is fully tested and shipped ready for installation.
  • NIC options: For desktop computers with an available PCI card, Black Box provides options to connect fiber cabling directly to a PC, giving the computer lockdown protection.
  • LockPORT™ Cables: These CATx copper and fiber patch cables feature the patented LockPORT™ boot and optional locking pins. They can be used to secure network connections, preventing accidental disconnects and tampering.
  • LockPORT™ Port Locks: These small RJ-45 and LC plugs snap easily into open, unused ports and prevent unauthorized network access. They can only be removed with a special tool.
  • Locking IT Storage Cabinets: These secure IT network equipment enclosures come in all sizes. This ranges from smaller wall-mounted cabinets to large 84-inch high cabinets to fit any environment, such as  the data center, office or industrial organizations.
  • Standard Charging Carts: Durable, secure and cost-effective charging and storage carts with one-size-fits-all fixed shelving deliver a protected power-up option for laptops not in use.
  • High-performance KVM: KVM, HD video, and peripherals matrix switching give users access to a variety of target devices (CPUs, digital signage or servers). It also ensures the ability to monitor the workflow and enable flexible control of visual and peripheral elements.