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Black Box Enables Safer Return to Work with BDS-8 Temperature-Screening Kiosks
Posted on Friday, February 5, 2021
Black Box Enables Safer Return to Work with BDS-8 Temperature-Screening Kiosks

PITTSBURGH — Feb. 5, 2021 — Black Box, a global information technology solutions provider, introduced the first solution in its Return to Work suite designed to help organizations and businesses in different industries provide a safer environment for their staff, visitors and customers. The BDS-8 Temperature Screening Kiosk is an all-in-one solution with fast, contactless temperature measurement and access control through facial recognition and mask detection.

The BDS-8 kiosks are ideal for use in busy, crowded environments such as large business campuses, schools and universities, health campuses, sports and entertainment facilities including stadiums and event centres, industrial plants, retail outlets, and transportation hubs such as airports and rail stations. These kiosks can help businesses re-open after lockdown, resume activities and more safely welcome employees and customers back to the workplace.

Available in floor-stand, wall-mounted and tabletop models, the BDS-8 Temperature Screening Kiosk provides a contactless temperature reading in less than a second and displays a high-resolution image of the subject with temperature readout on an 8-inch LCD screen. This plug-and-play solution can be easily integrated with any door or ticketing system and also supports digital signage applications when not in use for screening.

Capable of providing temperature detection and tracking for multiple people simultaneously, the BDS-8 can be deployed in stand-alone mode for smaller organizations such as small businesses, gyms or medical offices. Multiple BDS-8 units can be deployed across rooms or sites for larger enterprises such as school campuses, hospitals or transportation hubs. In such a large single-site or multisite deployment, the included management software enables administrators to remotely deploy and manage kiosks, monitor users, receive email alerts and much more.

"Entryway detection systems are not new, but they have traditionally been focused on facial recognition and identification for access control. With the rise of COVID-19, there's growing demand for a highly accurate, fast-deploying and easy-to-use solution that can rapidly identify people with elevated body temperature," said Jonathan McCune, director of product management for AV and infrastructure at Black Box. "BDS-8 offers the ideal solution by helping any type of organization prevent entry by potentially infected persons. Businesses are able to maintain a safe work environment, reduce stress and anxiety for employees and visitors and ensure continuity of operations."