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Brightline provides energy-efficient lighting products recognized worldwide as the choice for superior performance across the entire spectrum of videoconference applications. Harmonizing with the widest range of digital cameras, the company’s fixtures offer broadcast-quality lighting for diverse conferencing environments, including systems designed for easy installation in any type of ceiling.

Model: LED-Upgrade Kit-PRI-S1

Converting legacy fixtures into LED lighting systems with ease. Each Troffer LED Retrofit Kit includes everything needed for a seamless installation without modifying the existing fixture mounting.
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Brightline Offers New All-In-One Upgrade Kit to Convert its Fluorescent Fixtures to Energy-Saving LED
Posted on Thursday, July 28, 2022
Brightline Offers New All-In-One Upgrade Kit to Convert its Fluorescent Fixtures to Energy-Saving LED

Quick and Easy Upgrade Converts Brightline S1.2 or S1.4 Fluorescent Studio Fixtures to LED at 25% of the Full Fixture Cost

Bridgeville, Penn. – August 2, 2022 – Brightline, a leading manufacturer of video lighting systems, has announced a new all-in-one retrofit package to upgrade its existing S1.2 and S1.4 fluorescent fixtures to brilliant, energy-efficient LED lighting. With the DIY kit's simple design, it takes just minutes to start enjoying the energy savings offered by LED technology. A quick "How To" video guides the customer through a simple, step-by-step process.

The upgrade kit costs 25% of the purchase price of a new LED fixture. Brightline offers a disposal program for the old fixtures and a $75 refund for each unit. Given the extended life of an LED fixture, maintenance savings are another key benefit.

"Brightline's LED upgrade solution helps fulfill our core principle of providing the best economic and technical solutions to our partners, with minimal impact on the growing energy demands of our global environment," explained Brightline Co-Founder Kathy Katz. "Upgrading to LED brings with it a full spectrum of benefits including reduced energy consumption, extended lifetime, lower operations and maintenance costs, and enhanced aesthetics. Brightline is proud to offer this kit which enables our video lighting partners to easily make the move to LED."

The easy-to-use DIY kit contains everything needed to upgrade Brightline fluorescent fixtures – regardless of age, type of dimming or control – to the latest in LED technology. Each kit covers all the bases with a new fixture back, front cartridge, diffusion, mounting bracket, and all necessary screws. The user merely needs to supply a Phillips screwdriver and wire cutters.

The upgraded LED fixtures deliver improved performance, with a richer color saturation of 97 CRI (color rendering index) at 5600K color temperature. Onboard DMX dimming control is standard, and users can even continue to use existing accessories such as a mounting yoke and hardware, power and DMX cables with pass-through connectors, light intensifier, and control screen, so there's no need to buy replacements if accessories are already in place.

Motivated by the rapidly decreasing availability and forecasted discontinuation of most fluorescent components, Brightline is proud to offer this uniquely engineered solution.