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Brightline provides energy-efficient lighting products recognized worldwide as the choice for superior performance across the entire spectrum of videoconference applications. Harmonizing with the widest range of digital cameras, the company’s fixtures offer broadcast-quality lighting for diverse conferencing environments, including systems designed for easy installation in any type of ceiling.

Model: LED-Upgrade-Kit-DES-DELUX2

Converting legacy fixtures into LED lighting systems with ease. Each LED Retrofit Kit includes everything needed for a seamless installation without modifying the existing fixture mounting.
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Sinclair Broadcast Group’s WCIV-TV Airs New Sets with Extensive Brightline Lighting Enhancements
Posted on Monday, May 15, 2023
Sinclair Broadcast Group’s WCIV-TV Airs New Sets with Extensive Brightline Lighting Enhancements

Bridgeville, Penn. – May 16, 2023 – Brightline, a leading manufacturer of lighting systems, provided a complete studio lighting package to Sinclair Broadcast Group station, ABC-affiliate WCIV, in Charleston, SC.

Mark Nadeau, Director of TV Production and Eric Castagne, Assistant Director of TV Production for Sinclair Broadcasting Group, successfully completed the project design and execution of the extensive WCIV studio rebuild. "Projects of this scope are personally the most rewarding," said Nadeau. "Pulling together all the elements helps create a fresh visual identification for the station. It's more than just the WOW factor a new On-Air look brings. The continuity and flexibility of the broadcast presentation can increase audience engagement of a specific show."

The project entailed the integration of several large components:

– New floor surface

– Design of set and lighting plan

– Construction of multiple set areas with internal color changing

– Large, high-resolution LED screens and video displays

– Lighting and control system

"With large, dynamic LED screens like we have at WCIV," added Nadeau, "you need lighting that will easily balance between flesh tones, set color and the LED wall. Being able to set up lighting from the start exactly as we need has made it easier to produce a balanced, consistent look. With lighting being such a major part of the project, partnering with Brightline is always a win."

The Brightline complement used throughout the WCIV studio lights an expansive set that showcases locally originated shows. The main set features a large LED wall with stand-up positions for anchors, a weather center, and a key wall. The multi-purpose set on the opposite side of the studio will host guest interviews, special programming, and cooking segments with color-changing, rear illuminated RGBW walls capable of preset transitions for day to nighttime.

The Brightline system consists of LED upgrades to WCIV's legacy fluorescent fixtures, SeriesONE studio fixtures for soft light in each set area, Mako and Minnow profile spotlights, and Lupo fresnels providing hard light.

This marks the third time Sam Cercone, Managing Partner, Brightline has provided lighting to WCIV. His first installation was in its original building just after Hurricane Hugo flooded the station in 1989, followed by a new fluorescent conversion in the existing building, then the latest upgrade to variable white LED fixtures.

"Visiting the studio numerous times over decades, the importance of integrated component longevity becomes obvious," said Cercone. "That points to the popularity of our LED upgrade kit. The upgraded fluorescent lights were amortized years ago, but now that equipment has new life. Augmenting the freshly retrofitted lights with new fixtures for expansion provided WCIV a cost-effective solution."

Cercone said Brightline builds its product lines around silent, convection cooled designs. With no moving parts, the fixtures' continual use is extended dramatically. Many Brightline studio fixtures have operated daily for +20 years, with a future that's greatly extended thanks to this most recent redesign.


Model: Studio Mounting Accessories
Model: LED SeriesONE L1.2 (108 watts)
Model: LED SeriesONE L1.4 (262 watts)
Model: LED SeriesONE L1.3X