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DTEN is an award-winning provider of all-in-one communication and collaboration solutions for Zoom. Founded in 2015, DTEN’s mission is to provide revolutionary tools and services that change the way people connect with one another around the world. DTEN solutions combine cutting-edge technology for video conferencing that are plug-and-play ready with superior performance and affordability.

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DTEN Small Room Solution - an optimized solution for smaller meeting spaces. Instantly transform small meeting spaces into dynamic and efficient collaborative environments for Zoom Rooms and Microsoft
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Meet DTEN Onboard, Purpose-Built For Zoom Advanced Whiteboard
Posted on Wednesday, April 20, 2022
Meet DTEN Onboard, Purpose-Built For Zoom Advanced Whiteboard

April 20, 2022 - The new DTEN ONboard is the first collaboration and digital whiteboard display purpose-built for the new Zoom Advanced Whiteboard.

The 55" DTEN ONboard allows equal access to its digital display for both in-office and remote users, promoting greater participation and optimizing inclusion.

Read on to find out why the DTEN ONboard is reinventing the way we utilize our hybrid meeting spaces.

Reimagine Hybrid Work

Unveiled on the show floor at Enterprise Connect 2022, the new DTEN ONboard stole the show- picking up the Best of Enterprise Connect Award for Meeting Room Innovations.

Built for intuitive, seamless interaction, the ONboard’s sleek product design and styling elicits interaction in any space. Instantly add dedicated collaboration and whiteboard space to an existing meeting room, or create a new hub for group brainstorming and ideation in common areas.

With a single tap of the screen, users can launch into a new whiteboard experience, drive dynamic presentations, or continue an existing collaboration session.

Create, Ideate, Brainstorm and Pick Up Where you Left Off

With DTEN ONboard, video meetings are no longer finite events that close when the meeting ends. Persistent collaboration sessions can be kicked-off and picked up with remote teammates at any time. 

  • Zoom Whiteboard becomes the place where groups come to work together both inside and outside the meeting
  • Zoom Whiteboard is persistent, available before, during, and after a meeting so teams can prepare in advance, or pick up right where you left off
  • If you need to bring additional collaborators on a Zoom Whiteboard, it’s easy to share a board with your coworkers and partners

Optimized for Use with the Latest Zoom Advanced Whiteboard Features

Expandable Canvas - Pinch and Zoom to keep expanding collaborations on a single Zoom Whiteboard.

Persistent - Zoom Whiteboards can be accessed at any time, in or out of a Zoom Meeting.

Drag & Drop Images - Easily add images to a Zoom Whiteboard.

Shapes & Connectors - Shapes are easily detected, and connectors can instantly be made.

Sticky Notes - Type the notes needed for the place you need them.

Easy Sharing - Tag anyone with a Zoom account in chat or email to add them to a project.

Just a Taste of What DTEN ONboard Can Do

Between whiteboard sessions DTEN ONboard can also serve as an ideal endpoint for Zoom Rooms Kiosk Mode, Workspace Reservations and Digital Signage features.

In the coming weeks, we’ll take a deep dive into these other breakout use cases for DTEN ONboard. In the meantime, click below to sign up for product updates and notifications, or visit