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Eiki Projection Helps Christ Presbyterian Church Deliver the Message
Posted on Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Eiki Projection Helps Christ Presbyterian Church Deliver the Message

Nashville, TN - December 2015… Striving to follow Christ in His mission of loving people, places, and taking responsibility to care for all of God’s creation, Christ Presbyterian Church assumes a pivotal role in the greater Nashville area. With both traditional and contemporary worship services, the church recently added video projection capabilities in its sanctuary so as to increase its ability to engage the congregation and make services more meaningful. Recognizing the importance of image quality and its ability to impact people, the church selected projectors drawn from the catalog of Eiki International.


Corner AV of Nashville, TN, a division of Corner Music, was contracted to design and deploy Christ Presbyterian Church’s new video projection system. After meeting with church management to ascertain their goals and expectations, the decision was made to deploy an Eiki LC-HDT2000 15,000 ANSI Lumens HD Widescreen Projector for the main display and an Eiki EIP-X5500 DLP® Projector for confidence monitoring. Bob Nickerson, Production Consultant for Corner AV, handles a combination of sales, system design, installation, and training. He discussed the nature of the project.


“Music plays a vital role in Christ Presbyterian Church’s services,” Nickerson explained. “The church has a choir, an orchestra, a praise band, and a praise vocal team, so services can get quite lively. With the addition of the new Eiki LC-HDT2000 projector, they now have the ability to display any combination of lyrics, images, video, and sermon text to help the congregation follow along and get more involved. The projector is mounted from the ceiling and projects onto a large widescreen that is positioned on the rear wall—centered over the stage area.”


“A second Eiki projector—the Eiki EIP-X5500—is used for confidence monitoring for those people on stage,” Nickerson continued. “Like the primary projector, this unit is ceiling mounted, but it projects onto the rear wall of the sanctuary. This way, the Pastor and others can read their messages and other content, enabling them to stay focused during services. Both projectors are mounted using Chief hardware that was coordinated through Eiki at the time of purchase. Since Eiki is an authorized distributor of Chief products, we were able to order everything we needed and know that it was all going to work together properly on the job site.”


When queried about those attributes that made the LC-HDT2000 projector the best choice for this particular installation, Nickerson offered the following thoughts. “Eiki projectors offer excellent image quality and great reliability,” he said. “Beyond the projector’s high brightness, color, and contrast, it offers a host of innovative performance, configuration and utilization features—all of which make it a great tool for the church. As integrators, it also provides us the confidence that everything is going to work as expected, enabling us to meet or exceed the client’s expectations.”


With any sophisticated AV project, questions inevitably arise. Knowing that capable response is just a phone call away is another import consideration for any AV integration company. Here too, Nickerson gives Eiki International high marks, “Eiki has been our projector of choice since 2007. The depth of the product line, the image quality, the reliability, and the knowledgeable support are excellent. I have nothing but the highest praise for Eiki: from our regional rep, Casey Burgess, to the staff in California—especially Cheryl Chavez and the customer service team. My true field of focus is audio, so having folks who are knowledgeable in the video realm and who look out for me is invaluable.”


With the Eiki projectors in place and operational since August, Nickerson reports that the entire project could not have gone better. “Our main contact at the church, Don Stanley, is extremely pleased with the results,” said Nickerson. “We were contacted at the end of June about this project and one key demand the client had was that the equipment had to be in place and ready for use by the first weekend of August. Our July schedule was already quite full, but with the support of the folks at Eiki, our chief installer/systems designer, David Goon, was able to make everything come together. Now, when the lights dim and those images appear up front, it is really quite inspiring.”


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