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Successful Digital Signage is a Team Effort
Posted on Thursday, November 19, 2015
Successful Digital Signage is a Team Effort

Digital Signage users know that the implementation process can be long and tedious, even worse, like something akin to a moving target that is as allusive as shooting clouds in the sky! It’s time to understand why this is often the case and what you can do about it.


It’s not hard to recite hundreds of examples on how adding a digital signage network to an organization’s communications mix can reap a variety of rewards, including increased awareness, decreased printing costs, and instant dissemination of helpful information with a high degree of relevancy. As a matter of fact, the benefits are as diverse as the breadth of applications for digital signage.


Of course, none of this happens automatically, but often we act like it does. Hanging a digital display on the wall and throwing up a few pictures is not likely to reach anyone’s communication goals. It will likely become just another sign to ignore that generates only more background noise. A digital sign strategy that meets specific goals requires a team effort with key stakeholders at the table. Most often, a digital signage catastrophe is in the making without the collaboration of experienced mentors in the fields of AV and IT technology, project management, finance, marketing, and business leadership to guide the launch process.


Corporations, retailers, government agencies, hoteliers and building management firms, to name a few, are relying increasingly on digital signage vendor/partners to advance their communications goals to help circumvent potential pitfalls.


Frequently, organizations that are new to digital signage encounter unanticipated problems that waste both time and money and could have been avoided with a little foreknowledge and planning. How do I know this?