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Three Ways to Engage Your Customers
Posted on Friday, April 28, 2017
Three Ways to Engage Your Customers

An engaging customer experience is at the very core of every business. Maintaining proven engagement techniques is essential, but thriving businesses also need to consider new engagement tools, its pros and cons, so that it can better prosper amidst stiff competition.

There are many ways that marketers reach out to customers, among these are the timeless methods, and those that come and go with the rise of new technologies. For example, good customer service most often involves personal interaction with knowledgeable people who assist the purchase journey.  However, another traditional but perhaps winding-down method includes print advertising. Printed signs have lost ground this decade to newer methods, including cloud-based technology that makes use of digital signage, which instantly publishes over an IT network all kinds of eye-catching media directly to LCD signs, digital reader boards, and video walls. Let’s look at these examples and how they compare.

The Timeless People Connection

Most often, customers of any business would prefer to interact with a knowledgeable  representative in person rather than with an automated system. For example, a customer who has purchased a high-end Android phone is likely to try and stay in touch with the agent through whom he purchased the device. The reason behind this, is that every good salesman attempts to build a good rapport with his customers. Thus, creating a personal bond that helps the customer come back to the same retailer or at least to the same franchise for after-sales service, feedback, or another purchase.  

New Technology – Digital Signage

Today digital signage does not simply imply having an LED screen that can display a fixed slide-show or play a couple of pre-decided adverts. It has evolved into a much more interactive and engaging phenomenon through cloud technology using a plethora of screen layouts that span from useful information to artistry. The best digital signage today can be personalized through the use of IoT. Furthermore, customers strolling through a retail store can be come across an interactive digital signage screen or wall which can not only help them in their shopping experience, but also can deliver the elusive ‘wow’ experience to the customer. Digital signage is effective in a wide range of locations such as a bank, a retail outlet, at the theatre, healthcare centers, gas stations, restaurants, or travel stops such as airports, subways, and bus stations. Interactive digital signage empowers customers by giving them the freedom to choose the content they see. This is particularly helpful when the customer is seeking specific information.

Traditional Print Adverts

For non-marketing purposes, permanent architectural signage makes sense when customers need to find their way around a store, a complex, or a campus. However, traditional print ads are losing ground to easy-to-change digital signs for many marketing purposes. Of course, a simple print ad does do its part when placed at point-of-purchase counters by eliciting enquiries from customers or informing them of discounts and other promotions—like that nifty app your company just launched! With that thought in mind, it’s really important to consider the psychographics of your customer as to the best way of engaging them. For example, you might consider hosting contests through social media channels, which may be more relevant today for the majority of shoppers.  Well crafted campaigns have proven to be a means by which businesses collect a great deal of customer data while also providing digestible marketing content without much ado.

Using new technologies via digital signage enables a business to successfully engage its customers and build customer loyalty. Adopting this technology can add relevancy to your marketing plan, provide useful self-service that enhances customer service, and if executed with acumen, may generate a wow experience that will in some way engage your customers, encouraging them to keep returning to the awesome experience you provide.

Of course, you can do nothing and play “wait and see”, but whom are you going to complain to when your customers drift away from your business? Hence it is crucial for every business to adopt the best digital practices for an engaging customer experience.  

About Author: David Little is the owner of that specializes in marketing techniques that stimulate business growth. David developed a strong background in emerging digital technologies as a product engineer during the advent of digital video before becoming involved with marketing in the high-tech industry for the last 18 years. Today, he enjoys applying his marketing insight to overcome business stagnation, create growth solutions, and enhance customer experiences. For further insight on how digital signage can help your business communicate, visit Keywest Technology. Or, simply call 800-331-2019 or email for expert digital signage assistance.