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LEIGHTRONIX Move to State-of-the-Art Facility Spurred by Continued Growth
Posted on Thursday, January 8, 2015
Mason, MI — January 8, 2015 — A pioneer in video automation control and digital media communications technology, LEIGHTRONIX, INC. is proud to announce its recent expansion and move to a new state-of-the-art facility. Having exceeded the combined capacity of their headquarters located on Jarco Drive in Holt, MI, and leased space in the area, the 34 year video communications veteran, LEIGHTRONIX, has moved to a larger facility at 1125 N Cedar Rd, in Mason, MI. The new facility will enable company expansion as they bring on new staff to support their increasing customer base and the growth of their recording, broadcasting, streaming, and IPTV product lines.

The new Cedar Rd facility provides LEIGHTRONIX with the square footage needed to design, manufacture, stage, and test new products and systems within a single location. It will also facilitate customer training functions that are often a requirement of larger projects. During testing and training events, customers will have easy access to all of the project’s technical resources, including senior engineering and manufacturing staff.

State-of-the-Art Facility

The new facility boasts several state-of-the art features and amenities. One of the most significant features is its advanced Energy Management System (EMS), a computerized controller that oversees all aspects of the building’s lighting, heating, cooling, and energy systems. Over 150 status and control points are used to maximize the comfort and safety of the building’s occupants while drastically reducing the energy required to operate the facility.

Information from occupancy sensors, indoor and outdoor environmental sensors, ambient light sensors, and even sidewalk snow and ice sensors manage and minimize the building’s energy footprint.

Another key component in the reduction of energy consumption is advanced LED lighting. “LEIGHTRONIX is proud to be one of the first in the area to utilize the latest version of CREE’s CXB dimmable high-bay LED technology throughout our warehouse, CREE’s OSQ dimmable LED lighting fixtures in our parking areas, and Hubbell’s LED wall packs for exterior security lighting,” David Leighton, president and CEO of LEIGHTRONIX, said.

Also under EMS control is the building’s radiant heating system which extends throughout the majority of the building and even outdoors through sidewalks, ramps, and entry areas in order to mitigate snow and ice buildup which is common during the colder months in Michigan. The radiant system’s high efficiency HTP boilers, Grundfos pumps, and computerized hydronic valves are all under the watchful eye of the EMS system.

The building also boasts state-of-the-art access control and security systems. Security video is captured as high definition H.264 IP streams and is stored on a secure RAID system. All entrances and exits are monitored and protected by encrypted RFID tags and electrically actuated door locks. The building is also protected by a commercial fire suppression system that is tied to a central facility monitoring system capable of three levels of communicator redundancy. “Access control and security is paramount considering the importance of our customers’ data and the work in process at any given time in our facility,” Eric Bierstetel, LEIGHTRONIX vice president of operations at LEIGHTRONIX said.

Future expansion plans include additional fiber segments to facilitate dual home configurations as well as expanded on-site power generation capacity to support the ever increasing demand for the company’s live and on-demand content delivery network (CDN).

“This cutting edge facility will be leveraged to better serve our customers and to promote a creative and friendly environment for our employees,” Bierstetel said.

Convenient Location

Situated on 6.6 acres of prime real estate just south of Michigan’s capital city of Lansing, the new facility is located within a quickly growing business corridor on one of the capital area’s main thoroughfares that will prove to be incredibly accessible when accommodating visits from their national and international customer base. The location provides easy access to all of the state’s major highways, a major rail depot, and is midway between several of the state’s most used airports.

Technological Advancements

LEIGHTRONIX is best known as a pioneer in television automation, being one of the first to offer low-cost playback systems that uniquely address the needs of locally originated television channel operators. Over three decades, more than 18,250 automation systems have been delivered, spanning from the simplicity of a single channel playback controller to a multi-channel advanced server system supporting digital video technologies.

As broadcast and online media merged, LEIGHTRONIX has continued to be an industry leader by developing innovative, new technology that streamlines the workflow of video professionals. The company’s UltraNEXUS™ broadcast video server has proven to be immensely popular due to its all-in one approach to video broadcasting and its integration with an online streaming service, allowing broadcasters to easily convert and post broadcast media on the Web through a customized Web portal also hosted by the company. LEIGHTRONIX offers customers a complete digital video communications solution with products that integrate with one another, allowing users to easily record, broadcast, and stream media content online, both live and on-demand, using the company’s CDN.

Within the last five years, LEIGHTRONIX has also expanded into the field of Internet Protocol television (IPTV) with their LuxeVision™ line of products. LuxeVision provides a robust suite of digital video, audio, and control technologies combined to create a full featured and high-quality interactive television experience. Expanding on standard Internet protocol based systems, LuxeVision ipMerge™ integrates powerful middleware, on demand server technology, multicast server technology and fully centralized control in a single device. And with transport options including Ethernet, fiber, and coax available, LuxeVision can easily accommodate nearly any application imaginable. The result is an end-to-end IPTV solution that delivers a rich, customized viewer experience with features that are unique to LuxeVision and LEIGHTRONIX at a price that broke industry price barriers as the first all-in-one IPTV solution starting at under $20,000.

In addition to their marketed product line, LEIGHTRONIX is often sought after for its experience and expertise in the delivery of large-scale custom solutions for digital media distribution and display, video switching and control, and automation solutions, serving a wide range of big name clients in the areas of cruise, hospitality, military, space, corporate, and retail.


LEIGHTRONIX is recognized as an industry leader in specialty video equipment design and manufacturing, including digital video solutions, television automation, live and video-on-demand streaming media, and IPTV. A model of stability and longevity in the quickly evolving professional video market, LEIGHTRONIX continues to set standards in product value and versatility that exceed customer expectations in both product performance and support. The company’s cutting-edge, quality equipment at affordable prices have made LEIGHTRONIX one of the most trusted names in the video communications industry for over 30 years. For more information, visit