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LEIGHTRONIX Showcasing Product Innovations for the Advanced Integration of Digital Video Technologies in Booth #C9015 at NAB Show 2011
Posted on Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In their 30th year of providing the digital video communications industry with the best in product performance, reliability, and support, LEIGHTRONIX, a pioneer in video automation control, provides an impressive line-up for the year’s biggest broadcast event, the 2011 National Association of Broadcasters Conference and Exposition at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, April 11-14. 

EMINENCE-HD2 High-Definition Video Server
The EMINENCE-HD2 is a multi-channel, HD video server featuring H.264 encode/decode hardware that delivers stunning digital video images at extremely low data rates. Dual digital video channels perform either encoding or decoding, offering unmatched flexibility for demanding record and playback applications. Standard features include a built-in scheduling for playback, recording, and switching, HD/SD-SDI video inputs/outputs with support for embedded audio, and a highly compatible audio interface that supports direct connections for digital balanced AES audio as well as balanced analog signals.

Live Streaming the Smart Way
Users of the popular PEGstream-SD live streaming encoder and PEG Stream live streaming service, both from LEIGHTRONIX, can soon gain access to an even smarter way to stream by utilizing the solutions newest features. Once the PEGstream-SD is connected to an output on the UltraNEXUS, the encoder is then ready to capture real time events for immediate delivery through the PEG Stream service. The PEGstream-SD will soon provide smart control of the live streaming process, allowing automatic adjustment of the PEGstream-SD’s modes and functions on the fly. This LEIGHTRONIX-powered live streaming solution combined with the convenience of the Internet makes it easy to deliver video programming to viewers both locally and worldwide.

Streaming Video-On-Demand with User Authentication
LEIGHTRONIX introduces PEG Central PRO, an advanced version of the popular Web media hosting and streaming video-on-demand service. The “PRO” version allows access to specific video content for authorized viewers only. The new PRO version’s restricted media access feature makes the online streaming service ideal for applications where control over private video programming is needed.
Video folders and files are restricted from public view through the administrative interface, where access to restricted content is granted on a user-by-user basis. “Unrestricted” videos and folders can be seen by all visitors to the site while private video material is hidden until valid users log into the site, at which point they will have access to the restricted video content assigned to their user accounts.

WebNEXUS Mobile
LEIGHTRONIX announces the release of WebNEXUS Mobile, a control interface for NEXUS® series video servers that supports select, mobile electronic devices. WebNEXUS Mobile gives users handheld, remote access and control to their NEXUS television automation and video server systems. System administrators can easily check status, activate video playback, trigger a recording, and perform video/audio switches. WebNEXUS Mobile is accessible over the Internet through several popular handheld devices, including cellular phones and wireless network devices based on the Apple iOS operating system.

PEGvault-SD Digital Video Encoder
A powerful new feature for the PEGvault-SD, media indexing allows users to enter reference points within a video, as it is being recorded. Index points can be added to a video in real time and later used to jump to specific points of interest within the video by viewers at PEG Central, the popular LEIGHTRONIX hosted streaming video-on-demand service.

The PEGvault-SD has also been enhanced with the new ePRO-BUS feature, a device addressable, remote control protocol allowing the encoder to receive commands remotely through a TCP/IP network. Up to 16 PEGvault-SD encoders can be added to a network as far reaching as the Internet for control by a LEIGHTRONIX NEXUS series broadcast video server. Once configured, the NEXUS series server can send scheduled RECORD and STOP commands to one or all of the PEGvault-SD encoders on the network.

The ePRO-BUS feature provides fully unattended recording control for an array of remote recorders that capture events then automatically forward the new digital media to their host NEXUS series server for playback. This new functionality is essential in communities where multiple municipalities contribute content and share time on a single local government access cable channel.

A new robotic video camera control option is also now available for the PEGvault-SD, putting remote operators in total control of event recording. Through the Web interface, a remote operator can control digital video recording and change a robotic camera’s angle with 16 different presets and manual pan-tilt-zoom control. The PEGvault-SD and a camera can be installed in remote locations at a very low cost, providing an affordable and complete solution for capturing events such as school board or city council meetings without the need for an on-site operator.

LABvault-HD Laboratory Digital Video Recorder/Player
The LEIGHTRONIX LABvault-HD™ is a new digital video recorder/player designed for a laboratory or classroom environment, allowing users to easily capture and digitize an incoming high-definition video and audio signal from a live process or event.

Record presets and automatic file transfer destinations are easily configured using the Web interface and greatly simplify the process of capturing video. After specifying a record filename, simply pushing a button on a compatible touch screen control interface begins a recording session. When the recording is done, a user may immediately review the new digital media file recording using the playback control interface. With another push of a button, the user may accept the video recording and initiate immediate transfer to a remote broadcast, streaming, or archive server. The LABvault-HD creates superior quality H.264 video/audio files that are stored on an internal hard drive. The built-in hard drive provides temporary storage for hundreds of hours of video/audio.

The LABvault-HD records and archives high-definition digital media content, producing amazingly crystal clear images. This specialized digital video recorder/player was designed with all of the features of the LABvault-SD in mind, adding the ability to capture a live process or event in HD from an incoming video/audio signal.

LEIGHTRONIX is recognized as an industry leader in specialty video equipment design and manufacturing, including digital video solutions, television automation, live and video-on-demand streaming media, and remote equipment control. A model of stability and longevity in the quickly evolving professional video market, LEIGHTRONIX continues to set standards in product value and versatility that exceed customer expectations in both product performance and support. Exceptional product reliability, a standard 5 year warranty, and cost-free technical support have made LEIGHTRONIX one of the most trusted names in the industry. For more information, visit