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Lowell Manufacturing Co.

Lowell provides an extensive lineup of 19" equipment racks, rack accessories, power and distributed audio products for professional systems integration — pro solutions developed with quality, value and performance in mind. Most products are made or assembled at the company's headquarters in Pacific, Missouri.

Model: SEQR-P4

This low voltage rackmount power sequencer with pass-through RJ45 jacks for quick connections works with compatible remote power controls (RPC-P Series) and relays (RY-P Series) to provide time-delaye
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New Two- and Four-Post Networking Racks
Posted on Tuesday, April 5, 2022
New Two- and Four-Post Networking Racks

Ready-to-ship racks are made in America with 100% certified U.S. steel

PACIFIC, MO, April 5, 2022 — Lowell Manufacturing Company, a U.S. manufacturer ofprofessional AV products, has launched three open frame rack designs for networkingapplications. Made in the U.S.A. with certified U.S. steel and a smooth black powder epoxyfinish, the E.I.A./T.I.A. compliant racks are ready to ship in multiple sizes.

Lowell's new cable racks with two posts — the CR2P Series — feature six-inch widechannel rails to provide stable support for large cable bundles. The versatile rails offer roundholes tapped 12-24 in front, and square holes for cage nuts in back. The racks afford numeroustie-off points and pass-through holes, as well as quarter-turn (twist-lock) cable managers thatcan be mounted in front, back, sides or interior. The angled, two-piece support base has holesto accommodate anchors for code compliance or to increase overall stability, while the top canaccept an optional cable ladder. With a 23 ½-inch wide footprint, CR2P racks are made to fittwo-foot by two-foot floor space. Cable racks are available with panel space of 45U or 52U.

New networking racks with two posts — the NR2P Series — allow unrestricted airflowand full access to mounted equipment such as patch panels, servers and switches. The 20-inchwide racks are ideally suited for use in wiring closets, telecommunication centers, andbroadcast or data applications. The 15-inch deep models feature three-inch wide channel rails,while 18-inch deep models feature six-inch wide channel rails. All rails (front and back) have 12-24 tapped holes on E.I.A. spacing. The NR2P Series racks are currently offered with 45U or 52Upanel space, with 38U racks destined to follow later this year.

Networking racks with four posts — the NR4P Series — also accommodate full access tomounted electronics. The NR4P racks feature three-inch wide channel rails with 12-24 tappedholes on E.I.A. spacing in front and rear. Racks include side extension panels that connect frontand rear posts, while providing additional cable pass-through holes and tie-off points. Four-postracks are available with 45U or 52U panel space.

All the new two- and four-post racks ship unassembled and include assembly and panelmounting hardware, and grounding studs. Visit for product drawings andspecification sheets.