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Designing a Huddle Room with Flexible Collaboration Solutions
Posted on Thursday, June 6, 2019

Huddle rooms have become the go to meeting space for group collaboration. As companies continue to expand their professional video collaboration solutions, we find that more and more huddle rooms are needed. These rooms have become so popular because they are perfect for informal conversations, brainstorming sessions, conferences with remote workers, or any number of other collaborations.

Every meeting space, no matter how small, should be equipped with a high-quality audio and video conferencing solution that allows people to communicate and engage. To help with huddle room design, we created two different options for video conferencing installations. The first design highlights the SIP Spider Speakerphone. The Spider Series are a great option for huddle room audio because of their small footprint and incredible versatility. The MT505 or MT502 are perfect when you need a dial pad speakerphone on the table, or even mount the MT503 in the ceiling to clear the already limited space on the desk.

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The second design includes the Condor Microphone Array mounted above the display. The Condor is a great option because of its flexibility and great pick up range. You can place it on a table, mount it on the wall above or below a display, or put it on a cart for a moveable meeting solution. With 15 beamforming microphones, every sound is sure to be picked up in these efficient rooms.

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Condor device

Condor Microphone Array

Now, for a great camera we recommend the AVer CAM340+. It’s an affordable, professional-grade USB conference camera optimized to deliver a dynamic video communication experience.

The CAM340+ has a 120 degree field of view, one of the widest possible with zero distortion. Perfect for the growing huddle room environments where attendees are closer to the lens but sit on the edge or outside of normal cameras field of view. The CAM340+ offers the flexibility to easily move from huddle room to huddle room and is compatible with all of your favorite applications connecting to virtually any desktop or laptop, via a single USB cable.

The CAM340+ utilizes the most advanced 4K sensor and high quality multi-glass lenses to produce the sharpest video for an exceptional video-conferencing experience. AVer’s CAM340+ auto white balance and exposure will provide the most accurate color even in the toughest lighting conditions. As a result, everyone can look their best in any huddle room regardless of the lighting.With these room designs and the perfect combination of Phoenix Audio solutions with AVer cameras you’ll get the most out of your meetings with solutions that are simple to install, easy to use, and compatible with all your favorite video conferencing platforms.